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Objetivos Clases 2010 2011

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Daisy: Excuse me, Marian. Do you know where my brother Daniel is living?
Marian: No, I don´t. I haven´t  heard from him in a long time.
Daisy: Has he written you?
Marian: yes, he has,  and I wrote him back as soon as I got his letter.
Daisy: When did you send the letter?
Marian: I posted it last August.
Dasiy How did you send it?
Marian: I sent it by airmail. By the way, why are you asking me that?
Dasiy: Because he called me asking about you.
Marian: Why didn´t he call me?
Daisy: He said he hasn´t herad form you since he left.
Marian: But I´ve mailed him two letters and a postcard to 4225 Sunset Street.
Marian: Oh! What can I do? I miss you a lot.
Daisy: Call him right now. I have his phone number.
a) Who is Daniel?____________________________
b) When did Marian answer Daniel´s letter?
c) Did she send in September?
d) How did she send the letter?
e) Has Daniel herad from Marian?
f) How many letters has Marian mailed to Daniel?
g) Did Daniel receive any of them?
h) What was the problem?
The different parts of an informal letter:
1. Heading
2. Date
3. Salutation
4. Body
5. Closing paragraph
6. Closing
7. Signature
432 Avenida Libertador
Estado Mérida
January 11, 2008
Dear Dad,
Forgive me for not writing you before, but we were busy moving to our  new home. Mérida is a beatufil and peaciful city. Our house is very well situated. We have a Shopping center two blocks from here, and a beatiful large park in fornt of us. The University is only half an hour by car, and a good bus service that goes there stops just in front of the park.
How are things going with you and Mom? We are curious to know about your new car. please write soon and send some pictures, david hopes you and Mom can visit us as soon as we finish our moving and our new house is ready.
give myn love to MOm lots of kisses to my sister.
Answer these questions.
a) Who is writing the letter?
b) Where is Mary wiriting?
c) Who has a new car?
d) What´s Mary husband´s name?
e) Do they have a Shopping Center near their house?
f) How far is the University from home?
Write the differences between a formal letter and an informal letter.
Formal letter                                       Informal Letter

Mr José Félix Darnott

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