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Objetivos Clases 2010 2011


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Lcdo. José Félix Darnott 




Until recently French was the most important language in the world, but in the last few years English has become the most important language in many fields, particularly business. In fact, 80 % of all information stored on computer systems is in English.


This means that almost every person in the business world needs to know some English, not only for working with the English-speaking world (Britain, North America, Australia, etc.) but also for working with many countries where English is not the official language (Germany, Japan, etc).


Teaching and learning English has now become a huge industry, as businesses decide that their staff must learn English.


What can businesses that wish to train their staff in English do? Probably the best way for anyone to learn English is to spend some time in an English–speaking country. But of course, this is not always possible.



When this is not possible, staff can be sent to language schools, which offer a variety of options. One-to-one classes, for example, are particularly good for more advanced students and small classes (6 to 12 students) for beginners are a good idea.


If students are particularly motivated, many schools offer the possibility of self-access, where students can choose books and tapes to help them work on their own.


1.- Write a list of the words you don’t know in the reading on pages 168, 169.


2.- Write the underlined words on the left column and try to guess their meanings by context. Write your guess in the column on the right and check if you guessed correctly using your dictionary.


1.  Particularly              _________________________

2.  Stored                     _________________________

3.  _______________   _________________________

4.  _______________   _________________________

5.  _______________   _________________________

6.  _______________   _________________________

7.  _______________   _________________________

8.  _______________   _________________________

9.  _______________   _________________________

10. _______________  _________________________





3.- Re-read the text on pages 168, 169 and check  TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).


a) French is the most important language in the world.  (      )

b) English has become the most important language.     (      )

c) The information in computer systems is mostly in Latin.  (      )

d) Not everybody needs to know English in the business world. (      )

e) Learning English is very important for employees in many companies.   (      )

f) Going to English-speaking countries is the best way to learn English.

(      )



4.- Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box:


must learn the language


in many fields

needs to know some English



until recently




a huge industry




a) French was the most important language

b) English has become the most important language

c) Every person in the business world

d) Teaching and learning English has become

e) Businesses decide that their staff


5.-  Answer the following questions.

a) Why has English become the most important language in the world?


b) What is the most widely used language in the business world, English or French? Why?


c) What is the ideal way to learn English?


d) What are some of the options offered by language schools to people who want to learn English in their country?


e) What kind of courses are suitable for beginners?


f) What is self-access training?

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